Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weird Finds

I'm sure everyone has stumbled upon unusual items as they've been researching their family history, but this one was a first for me. Looking for obituaries is fun, and I have a fabulous resource available at the Rhode Island Historical Society Library, now known as the Mary Elizabeth Robinson Resource Center. They have an excellent collection of RI newspapers on microfilm, including the local weekly papers, and small town papers. I came across this and just about fell out of my chair.

The Providence Sunday Journal, 19 October, 1924, Pg 3, Col. 5, Microfilm copy from the Rhode Island Historical Society Library, Providence, RI.
Someone had cut out a death notice from the paper, and that was the copy that they made the microfilm from, so all of the copies of the microfilm are missing that death notice. I could probably go back and figure out which death notice was missing if it appeared on more than one date. But I am always amazed at the weird things we can come across doing research in Rhode Island. Or anywhere else!