Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Another hidden gem - Langworthy Public Library

I visited another gem of a public library last week that has a wonderful genealogical collection in their special archives room. The Langworthy Public Library (http://langworthylibrary.org/) in Hope Valley, Rhode Island. Hope Valley is one of the many villages in Hopkinton, and this little place has an amazing quantity of high quality manuscript materials.

Some of the Gladys Palmer Collection at Langworthy

Ledgers from a number of local businesses
A page from the ledger of a coffin manufacturer in Hopkinton

One of the largest collections was donated by a local genealogist, Gladys Palmer, and her collection contains materials on local history and families as well as her extensive genealogical research notes.

The vertical files have newspaper clippings of important locals, including some interesting bits about Elisha R. Bitgood, a local manufacturer, and "weather prophet."

Newspaper clipping of Bitgood's obituary (unknown newspaper about 1961)
If you have relatives from any of the small villages in Hopkinton such as Moscow (yes, Moscow, Rhode Island), Ashville, Barberville, Wyoming, Hope Valley or Woodville, Langworthy Public Library should be on your research To Do list.

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