Friday, October 9, 2015

Upcoming Events

Since I haven't had time to redesign my website yet, I thought that I'd post some of the places that I'll be speaking in the next 2 weeks, and maybe I'll see some of you there!

Saturday October 10th I'll be presenting "Conserving our Personal Collections" for the Falmouth Genealogical Society!

Saturday October 24th I'll be at the Ukrainian Historical and Educational Center of NJ for their Nashi Predky Our Ancestors Family History Conference presenting "It's like Velcro: Autosomal DNA for Genealogy."

Finishing off the weekend Sunday October 25th in NY City at The Genealogy Event, GenGen DNA day with "An Introduction to Genetic Genealogy Testing" and "DNA for the Genealogical Proof Standard." Genetics over Generations

It's a schedule designed to keep me out of the pubs!

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